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Impressive! This Botswana Scholar Becomes Professor Of Law At 29

Dr Tshepo Mogapaesi has joined the league of extraordinary African Women with a PHD. At 29, she achieved this great feat, graduating from the North-West University (University in Potchefstroom, South Africa) with a PhD in law.

Currently, Tshepo works as a lecturer of Law at the Botswana where she had her first degree in Law.

The young scholar took to her LinkedIn profile to highlight the journey through to her success.

“When God shows up..He shows off

I am so glad to share the good news that on Friday 19th I graduated with a PhD in Law from the North West University at just 29years old. We live in a society that is constantly trying to convince us (as women in particular) that we are not good enough, that we are either too young or too old, or that certain achievements are reserved for a select few.

It tries to teach us that the education of a woman is overrated; that as a woman you shouldn’t be “too ambitious”, that you should downplay your dreams and your hunger to be a much better person professionally.

So yes, I am a statistic, and I am proud to be one. To have added to a few black women in Africa who have attained PhDs before 30yrs.. or better yet, to be one of the few Batswana women with PhDs in Law ( I currently know of only two)..If that’s not worth celebrating then I dnt know what is.

So my story is that, black child your dreams are valid.. Don’t pay much attention to the naysayers, don’t validate your abilities based on what people think..Don’t base your abilities on your GPA.. You can achieve whatever you put your mind to!!! ?Photo cred: Thabo Mtb Makoti #blackexcellence #womeninlaw #womandla #womenwithphds”

Indeed there is nothing one cannot achieve as long as you are determined to succeed. We wish the young Doctor more success as she attains unimaginable heights.

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