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Impressive! Somali Women Break Barrier With First Football Match

Unlike other African countries where female football team can be found, in Somalia women are not seen playing football due to the attacks  from society and the dread of the militant group Al-Shabaab. The Islamist group consistently dispatches assaults in Mogadishu and trusts that a wide range of diversion including womens’ football are shrewd.

But a group of young women from the city has defied all odds to play football. These women, 60 in total, have signed up to train at the Golden Girls Centre, the first female football club in the country. The women told the AFP that they had always wanted to play football but had never had the chance to do so. On Wednesday, March 21, they finally had the chance to do what they love as they came out with their beautiful team kits to play football.

In Somalia, it is taboo for women to be seen in public wearing shorts, trousers or T-shirts, so these female players wore tights underneath their baggy shorts and covered their hair but they were still criticized by some, including men who had gathered to watch them.

Watch them below:

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