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Impressive! Nigeria’s Samson Olayemi Makes Resourceful Products From Trashed Pure Water Sachets

Young Lagos-born Samson Olayemi is determined to success as he becomes the first Nigerian mechanical engineering genius to convert used nylon waste into designers’ shoes, bags, raincoats, car cover and rest.

Samson is helping people around him live an affordable life by making use of thrashed and discarded pure water nylon to make coats, shoes, car covers and bags. He has named his craft as a “tri-pod cycle initiative” which is aimed at long term plan to see that every sachet water nylon becomes valuable after usage.

Samson Olayemi

Samson is born into a Christian home in Lagos and has four siblings. He studied Mechanical engineering with specialty in City and Guild programme in the University. The first step in Samson’s process is to collect the used bags from dumpsite. Then, he washes them and waits for them to dry up before he begins to sew the bags together. Then meets with a recycling company, Ominik Limited to help recycle the nylons and customize new prints.

He says the pure water nylon will become of value as people will love investing in the initiative and also help create collection hubs across the community in Lagos State because of the popularity the recycling of the used nylon have gained.

He has engaged corporate organizations by advertising the products in schools and markets because it attracts people’s attention and also sends slogan messages that corrects the habit of people littering waste around the environment.

Although some people have condemned the creation as dirty, senseless and brand less, Samson is doing his part to fight against pollution and support recycling while making a style statement that will rebrand Nigerian’s image positively in the eyes of the world.

We Celebrate Samson Olayemi’s Innovative Idea!

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