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Impressive! Nigerian Doctor Elvis Eze Honoured By Bill Gates

When you put in your best in your career or a good cause, sooner or later you will be appreciated by people who know the value of what you do. Nigerian doctor Elvis Eze was recently recognised by the owner of Microsoft and world-known philanthropist, Bill Gates for his fight against malaria, this is huge! Elvis never expected day would come but it did.

The tech giant said that the story of Eze is inspiring because he was once a victim of the scourge. He never allowed that to discourage him.

He is a youth ambassador for Malaria No More UK, an organisation that is in charge of looking for fund and support to combat malaria.

In an interview with Gates, the young Nigerian said he remembered how mosquito bites were always a re-occurrence.

Eze mourned how people around him in school were always affected when he was a child. He relived how a childhood friend of his, Lukman, was pulled out of school because of it.

The Nigerian also further recalled how the hospital he was working for in Lagos as a junior doctor was overburdened with cases of malaria as the parents were helpless.

He said that particular experience made him take significant action against it, adding that that has pushed him into lending his voice to awareness against the disease.

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