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Impressive! 22-year-old Lawyer Celebrates Four Degrees, Call To Bar In Two Jurisdictions

No day passes by without news of exceptional successes reaching us and we are happy about it, the latest is that of an excited Lawyer with the name Joanna who took to social media to celebrate her four degrees, and call to bar in two jurisdictions at age 22.

The beautiful young lady obtained her degrees from England and Wales, Turks and Caicos Islands. Contrary to what many believe that “Age is just a number”, she finished her secondary education at a young age of 16 and moved on to acquire more academic feats.

Joanna celebrated obtaining four degrees before the young age of 22. She also celebrated her call to bar in two different jurisdictions. She wrote: “At the tender age of 22, I have received four degrees and have been called to the Bar in two jurisdictions. I’m now Joanna Sigrid Martinez, Attorney at Law. ✨

This is a remarkable feat and we celebrate her.

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