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Impact of 4 Weeks Extended Lockdown On Nigerian Businesses

By now entrepreneurs and business executives in Nigeria are already adapting to the impact of COVID-19, and finding new ways to work amidst lockdown.

The news of the extended eased lockdown in Nigeria comes with the need for further adaptability skills. Entrepreneurs must make use of the restricted business operation to produce maximum result.
The extended eased lockdown means that businesses must continue to operate in the same restricted manner, which places a barrier on mode of operation and probably income, this doesn’t have to be the case.

The extended lockdown comes with some good news, inter state travel ban has been lifted and domestic airline are to begin operations as soon as practicable.
The benefit of this is that businesses can now spread their tentacles out of the state in which they have been physically restricted to before now.
Businesses that do not offer essential services prior to the lockdown, had to restrict their physical operation to the state in which they operate from.

This is where the juicy part comes in!

Businesses that do not operate inter state before can now take advantage of the fresh start to strategically get their market share outside of their original base.

The inter state lockdown has been on for months now, meaning some companies that have customers across states have not offered their services to their customers there, this opens the market share a bit, allowing smart entrepreneurs to take advantage of this.

Stay safe and productive!

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