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Human Capital Development Is A Big Business Niche In Africa

In this fast-growing digital age, having update knowledge that aligns with the growth rate in every industry is paramount. Samuel Amanor, CEO of BlueSPACE Africa, a Ghanaian business focused on financial technology integration – to name an untapped business opportunity in Africa confirmed this when he was asked to identified an untapped profit-making idea.

“Africa is, as they say, the new frontier. The biggest challenge for us as a continent, is talent. Africans are talented people but we lack knowledge and training. If we can localise training and knowledge, learn to share it within the walls of Africa, we can have a breakthrough.

“In our sector, customers in banking have to travel to Dubai, London or the US for training on software. We don’t have access to those platforms in Africa.

“The biggest opportunity I can see presently, is human capacity development or human capital development. That’s the big one.”

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