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How Yussouf Ntwali Led A Tech Company In Rwanda At 21

Yussouf Ntwali was opportuned to lead a popular tech company called BAG Innovation in Rwanda helping businesses improve their sales and revenue as well as their human resource needs at the age of 21.

The company who works like an HR firm, recruiting and finding the right candidates for clients.

Becoming a CEO by the age of 21 was not something Ntwali desperately yearned for because his ambition was to become a musician.

Ntwali opted not to pursue further education after he completed high school. Instead, he decided to develop his capacity in other fields and began attending workshops and training sessions in business management and entrepreneurship, dropping his initial ambition in music.

The switch in goals brings him exposure to entrepreneurship when he began working in his father’s chain of barber shops, which opened him up to the experience of running a company.

At 17, Yussouf Ntwali met the founder of BAG Innovation, Gabriel Ekman who spoke about the lack of skilled youth in Rwanda and the gaps in training, how most students had degrees but did not know how to use them. Ntwali then decided to join Ekman at his moderate workspace and began to work on improving the recruitment, training and selection ecosystem of Rwanda

Then, BAG Innovation started using simple tools like Facebook and interpersonal skills to provide solutions to small companies to improve their sales and revenue as well as their human resource needs.

Yussuof Ntwali secured several contracts which they used to pay off bills and expand operations.

BAG Innovation makes money from companies that hire talent through them on a per-person basis, and their ability to offer a range of employee portfolios to potential employers to choose from is their differentiator.

Yussouf Ntwali accomplished all these with neither a university degree nor the puniest formal training in technology but he has managed to climb up the ranks to become the CEO of BAG Innovation through hardwork and determination.

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