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How UK Students Used 3D Printers To Produce Face Masks

A group of students in the United Kingdom has found productive ways to support fight against Covid 19 which enables face masks production.

This group of students has returned to classrooms in the UK to produce protective equipment. The masks are designed using 3D technology.

“We have a total of 500 orders. And this is only our fourth day going. It’ll probably put us into next week or even the third week of production”, said George Dazvaryan, a former pupil at Latymer upper school.

“I feel pretty good because otherwise I’d be sitting at home doing nothing”, said A-level student, Alex Dazvaryan.

Once the masks are made, they’re given free of charge to nurses and doctors in the British National Health Service.

But beyond the humanitarian gesture, the students’ face masks are very much appreciated in this hospital. One of the most affected in London with some 20,000 coronavirus patients.

Dr. Thomas Koczian is the General Practitioner Associate at the Heathbridge practice. He said the ‘‘mask makes you feel much more protected.’‘

“You feel so much more protected because beforehand you just had the face mask which covers you, your nose and your mouth but you can still feel quite vulnerable with it, especially if you’re in a middle of a procedure or doing chest compressions. This mask is only held by a piece of string that can fall off quite easily, whereas with this you feel so much more protected, including the eyes and the rest of the face, it actually feels a lot more secure as well”, he said.

Like all over Europe, British nurses and doctors have been complaining about the lack of personal protective equipment for coronavirus patients.

At a time when the health administration seems distraught, the initiative of these young students sounds like an encouragement to do more.

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