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How Two Security Guards Sacked For Dancing At Chicken Republic Got New Job Offers In Less Than 24 Hours

Two security officers who were sacked after a video of them went viral on Thursday, March 3rd 2022, for dancing to a popular Dorime song by Nektunez, while on duty post at Chicken Republic Restaurant, has gotten a new job barely 24-hours they were sacked.

The video went viral after a customer who brought from restaurant, shared the video online hoping the boys will get social media recognition for putting smiles on the faces of those who visited the restaurant . But unfortunately, both dancers were fired for being unprofessional at their duty posts.

It was reported that the two guards who were at their post are dancing to attract customers, passerby to patronize the restaurant but the management never saw it in that light instead the management dismissed them for being unprofessional.

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