How To Successfully Run Your Business From Diaspora

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Do you own a business here in Africa but you reside in a diaspora country or you are an entrepreneur that travels a lot and you spend little or no time in the country where your company is situated? if yes, then this is for you.
Some people have stories of failed business as a result of them running it from diaspora but there are things that if put in places can create a successful operation of your business from where ever you are in the world.

Here is how to successfully run your business from abroad:

Invest in digital technology
Being in the diaspora means you are not physically present in your company but does not mean you cannot be digitally present. invest enough money in setting up digital technologies that breaks the distance barrier and brings your company to where ever you are. Right now businesses are going digital and even working remotely meaning they do not work from one central place, this is made possible because of the digital enabling infrastructure they have put in place, where meetings are held virtually, documents are signed virtually and any other thing you want to do can still be done on the digital space.
Employ independent staffs
Not being present means you would need people that can work with little or no supervision, so employ people that are experienced and can work independently, this way you know operations are in the hands of people that would handle it well without you being there. Whether you are present or not present your staff determines your productivity, so carefully select your employees.

Delegate Authority
You need to let go of control a little, have someone that takes order from you directly and gives the others, this way you have someone held accountable for any errors made. H e would serve as the manger of the company, and looks into every single details of the company.
If you plan on working from diaspora, you need to know that it would take a lot from you as well, because you would need to be dedicated from wherever you are, spend extra hours going through the day activities of your staffs and evaluating you business health occasionally whether convenient or not, a successful business takes a whole lot of dedication of time, investment and brain work.

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