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How To Successfully Manage Your Online Reputation

Reputation management in general is a very important exercise, and to be more specific, digital or online reputation management is equally as important as it require a whole different strategy from the conventional reputation or image management.
Why do you think big businesses, celebrities spend a lot on reputation/image management? This is because your reputation affects your brand persona in various ways, this is the same way your online reputation affects your brand persona likewise.
It is paramount you ensure you have a good public image and if you have a dented image ensure you take calculated steps to redeem your image.

Here are steps to successfully manage your online reputation.

Monitor and evaluate
Firstly you need to know tour current online reputation status, so you would conduct a total evaluation and monitoring of your personal or brand name. Conduct google search of your name, scan through article or stories that has your name in it, identify similar accounts or old accounts to delete them

Present yourself as professional
A typical person would want to be a reckoning force online and to do that you must present yourself as professional. Give updated information and verified expert advice on subject matter that relates to you. upload sharp looking pictures that fully portray how you want to be seen. Do not turn yourself to a joke online by talking on all topic whether sensible or not, be disciplined and strategic in your engagement.

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Defend yourself
Occasionally image denting report or claims might be said about you, ensure you do not just keep quiet and let it pass, rather strategically reply in a professional manner to clear the air on any rumor surrounding you.
Don’t engage in the “bad publicity is good publicity” bad publicity would bring you to the limelight quickly but it would also take you out of the lime light with that same speed leaving residue of bad thought and reputation about you.

Spread content
If are not a celebrity or a household name yet, then you need to push your publicity yourself, to get your name in the faces of the public, simple way to do that is create contents about you, write articles, tips social media live talk show, group discussion and any other type of content with topic you are knowledgeable about. This would put you name in the fore front and give you the visibility you want.

The popular saying “dress the way you want to be addressed” also applies to online reputation management “engage the way you want to be engaged and addressed”. Your strategy must be consistent, if you are giving the professional outlook then maintain and build on it. so in the long run you would be seen as a professional person with knowledge in a particular industry.

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