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How To Set Realistic Goals On Social Media

Setting social media goals which will help you crush your business objectives and see genuine growth in business. Without clear goals, it’s hard to know how well your social media strategy is performing. Goals give you metrics you can use to measure your progress, stay accountable and help you become 10x more successful.

Here are some tips to set realistic social media goals.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is important

Increased brand awareness means an increase of people who know about you and your business.

“Brand Awareness Goal” means that you need to grow a recognizable reputation online or offline because:

More Brand Awareness = More Opportunity for Sales.

How to Achieve this in your business:

1. Start with developing a strong brand indentity (colors, fonts, tone, packaging,products)

2. Consistency; show up daily in your business,social media pages

3. Maximise User Generated Content (if someone tags you wearing your product, share it)

4.Create valuable content for your online and offline community.

5. Run awareness ads – don’t sell just show people you exist

Boost Engagement

Boost Engagement is very important. Boosting your engagement requires you to start by building a community of active and real audience in your niche, and that’s a lot of work but there are several strategies you can use

More Engagement= More Sales

Generate conversation, comment and like post

How to Achieve Boost Engagement:

1.Engage every day. If you want an engaged community, you have to engage first. Engage with other people’s profile,posts, comment meaningfully on their posts or stories.

2. Think about your CTAs (call-to-actions) which means how can you generate conversation, engagement, comments on your posts? Show up on stories and use reels more often

3.Run engagement ads – if a post performs well in terms of engagement, boost it so more people see and engage with it.

Lead Generation

This means to create a pool of highly targeted prospects to nurture and convert to paying customers.

This is a smart way to market because not everyone who needs what you sell is ready to buy from you at the moment.

To do this effectively though, you’ll need a funnel no matter how simple.

The More Leads you gather = the Higher your chances of Sales.

How to Achieve Lead Generation:

1.Through Paid Ads

2. Optimize your profiles and content to drive traffic to a website or a nurturing platform of choice

3. Offer Incentives (Free resource, discounts,value, etc)


The goal of all business owners when they come online is to make sales, while that is very important, it won’t be possible without achieving the other goals.

Without a GOOD product/service, a GREAT sales funnel, and constant LEAD GEN efforts not to mention CONSISTENCY in creating quality content, sales isn’t going to happen.

To make sales, then you should focus on building relationships first.

The Larger your Audience = the Higher your chances of sales.

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