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How To Position Yourself As As Expert In Your Field

Everyone wants to attain the status of a business expert in their field, and with a couple of years in your career path and strategic positioning, you could attain the expert title with ease.

To be seen as an expert has it perks because people would want to relate and do business with you judging from the fact that you are an expert. So the title help boosts your reputation and also boost the reputation of your organisation thereby possibly bring in more client due to the status quo.

With a few years of experience in your field, here are strategic tips to position you as an expert in your line of business.

Optimize your LinkedIn
LinkedIn is an unpaid avenue to sell yourself, it is a very popular professional social network where you find companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals in diverse lines of business. You have the chance to put yourself out there as an expert with your LinkedIn profile, it is a great way to showcase your expertise, professional experience, and achievements. If you are able to properly make use of this platform, it gives you the opportunity to network with people with your interest hat you might not necessarily meet on a normal basis.
The hacks for LinkedIn is to use a corporately befitting profile picture, subsequently write on the insightful topic in your line of business, connect with high-end industry experts, and manage a corporate presence.

Attend events
You can’t all of a sudden be recognized as a professional if you are hiding in your shell. Go out, attend industry-specific events, make contact interact with people at the event, and chip in your selling point that would resonate with them and they just might hold you on high esteem from that point.
Attending events educates you and gives you an opportunity to prove yourself in a community gathering of people in similar industry

Push out customer testimonial
Whatever line of business there is always an avenue for customer feedback, production, or service. Get in contact with your customers and if they are willing to give their positive feedback, push it out on your digital platforms, and if it is a major achievement you can even publish it on print media. The ore you show proof, the more reputation and popularity you gain

Get endorsement from top ‘Guns’ in your industry
Anyone that is recommended or endorsed by a highly ranked person in his or her business automatically gets into the spotlight. It is an easy way to the spotlight, if you have mentors or you know people of high caliber or highly placed people in the society or in your business, get them to endorse you or recommend you, after that the job to the expert status is nearly achieved.
push out your journey so far (success stories)
The journey so far stories are always emotionally intriguing, if you know the journey to where you are now is emotionally appealing, restructure it well and push it out to the public, to give the “I was once a novice now I am an expert feeling to people that are reading it.”

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