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How To Make Research That Can Unlock Customers Insight

Customers Insight can be used to describe the means by which companies and brands can understand their customers’ tastes, motivations and needs. These insights allow brands to develop more effective strategies for connecting their audience with their products or services.

Customer insights also interprets customers’ behavior which is critical to building relationships and connecting, not just making transactions and selling. Insights can help identify the important gap between the customers’ aspirations and what they perceive a brand is offering.

Below is how to make research that can unlock customers insight, as they can help you to gain valuable insights to fuel your business strategy:

Social Listening:

This involves the constant monitoring and tracking of online conversations to determine what customers are saying about your brands, competitors, market or other topics of interest on different social media channels.

Audience Analysis:

This refers to the identification of demographic characteristics and psychographic information of the audience associated with your brand or company. Audience analysis can be applied to users who follow a brand’s handles or engage with its content across different social media channels.

Online Communities:

Researching online communities means you analyze communities created across digital spaces that consist of members who share common interests related to your brand or company. Members, including active and potential customers, often seek advice or share tips related to a specific interest. Analyzing the interactions and conversations among them can lead to actionable insights applicable to your brand or product.

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Influencer Identification:

This refers to an analysis of users discussing specific topics related to your brand or company on social media. Users who are more relevant to the conversation, either because they allow you to connect to different clusters of users or because they have high brokerage power, should then be selected. The results can help you identify potential influential voices for your brand or company to connect with.

Trend Tracking:

Trend tracking involves identifying topics that could be of interest to your brand or company. This provides business intelligence to stakeholders about the latest events concerning your brand or company on a 24/7 basis, which can enable them to identify potential crises before they escalate. Trend tracking also monitors historical trends to track how consumer conversations evolve over time, thus leading to actionable insights.

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