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How To Keep Your Team Engaged During A Virtual Meeting

Tips to keep your team engaged during virtual meeting.

With the pandemic moving the world to all things digital overnight, many have been forced into leading their teams through virtual meeting. But technology is not the same as being together in person for meetings. Though being virtual has many benefits, here’s another helpful post on how to engage your team during a virtual meeting.

Five Ways to Keep Engagement and Atttendance High

Build consistency: Try to consistently keep the same date, time and format as before. If your weekly team meeting is every Monday at 9 a.m., stick to that schedule as much as possible (people love habit and routine). And just as it was when you met in the office, it’s important for every team member to attend so everyone is on the same page and gets the same information.

2. Use Different Communication Channel
s: Each of us communicates differently. Some prefer phone calls or texts; others prefer email. Do all three! Before your team meeting, make sure you update your team members with the following ;
•Send an email with agenda highlights, the date and time of the meeting, and maybe even an encouraging or motivating quote or meme.
•Send a text when you send the email.
•Send a calendar invite.
•If you see that someone hasn’t replied or accepted the meeting, try giving them a phone call.
3. Send reminders and follow-ups: It’s easy to forget about a virtual meeting when there are so many distractions as we work from home. Make sure your follow-ups are quick and simple, and make sure your team members know that you’re trying to keep the team up to par, prepared, and ready to rock.
4. Develop “the rules of the road”: Uncontrollable meetings neither help your team be productive, nor boost creativity. Atimes, they lead to chaos, where everybody is speaking at the same time, or someone is starting to dominate in the conversation.

5. Be engaging
Boring meetings are tough to sit through. Since you put the work into organizing a great meeting, make it interesting with lively interaction, good visuals, or set up your own meeting traditions. Plan time to break the ice and make some fun asking ice breaker questions.

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