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How To Build Your Online Customers Trust

Trust has always been a major factor keeping shoppers from shopping online thereby limits the growth of e-commerce.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of addressing this barrier.

Customers trust and loyalty are essential for building a successful business. And while this may sound obvious, it’s hard to overstate the value of establishing a solid base of long-term customers. 

That’s because customer retention is much more cost-effective than constant acquisition. In fact, it costs five times more to earn a new customer than it does to keep an existing one

In Nigeria, everybody wants to be an entrepreneur but they lack the technical know-how to do business, funds in trying to survive and having the right partnership with a strong marketplace.

Here are ways you can build your customers trust, retention and grow your business.

Offer Excellent Customer Service 

The level of customer service you provide has a major impact on customer loyalty and retention. This means it’s absolutely essential to have dedicated support staff and to set high standards for the speed and quality of your service. 

Once you’ve hired and trained a team of support agents, you need to make it easy for your customers to get in touch. Offer multiple support channels, and feature those channels prominently on your site.

Publish Customer Reviews and Testimonials

No matter how trustworthy your brand, consumers will almost always trust other consumers more than companies. That’s because they know that no matter how unbiased you may try to be, you’re ultimately going to position your brand in a positive light. 

But you can use your audience’s trust of other customers to your advantage by publishing reviews and testimonials on your site.

Be Transparent 

If you want your customers to trust you, you need to be deserving of their trust. That means being honest and transparent about what they can expect from your company. 

And this should start right from their first interaction with your brand. Avoid misleading sales copy and gimmicky marketing campaigns, and don’t attempt to grab your audience’s attention with exaggerated claims about your products or services.

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