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How This Zimbabwean Innovator Developed TV That Doesn’t Need Power Cable

Maxwell Chikumbutso, a Zimbabwean Innovator who is also the founder of Saith Holdings Inc has made headlines for his serial innovations which includes: a cordless television set, electric cars and a multi-fueled helicopter.

The innovator said he has invented a cordless powered television set. He succeeded in embedding the wireless power generator that uses radio frequency (RF) energy on a 55 inch UHD Samsung TV set eliminating the use of power cables, on-grid power and the size of the TV power supply gadgets.

He said that it has no cables connected to it and it self powered. When you look at the rear end of the TV instead of the glossy front, what’s notable is that it doesn’t have any cables connected to it.

The TV gets its power from RF through a device called MSED. It’s self powered and the TV uses green energy harnessed from RF using an electronic device he developed MSED.

He also said his invention has come at the right time considering many households in Africa do not have constant electricity.

Chikumbutso notes that with an RF-powered television set, it is possible to help the majority of the poor to watch television in the comfort of their homes.

“With an RF powered generator embedded on a TV set, it is now possible for many people to enjoy watching TV whilst they are off-grid,” he says. “For me, this started off as a dream in 2003, but today it’s now a reality. We have successfully developed a solution that powers televisions, smartphones, laptop computers, fridges just to name a few.”

“It produces 500w with 15Amps that means that TV can also power additional 2 x 100w light builds to light the house,” says Chikumbutso. “Right now we are miniaturizing the MSED to be smaller so that we can integrate it in cell phones, computers, laptops and decoders. It will be inside those devices now. Technology is moving to cordless electronic devices. That’s where we are going. This year we are moving and nothing will stop us.”

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