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How This Zimbabwean Five-Heights Shoe Designer Is Making Waves In Canada

Ropa Mupambwa, a Zimbabwean Designer makes waves in the Canadian fashion Industry with the launch of her Stylish five-heights shoe brand, ‘Celyn Roze’.

The Zimbabwean has always been drawn to fashion at a  very young age. Ropa migrated to Canada at age 12, she got her first paid job, in retail at the mall, being drawn to fashion and styling; this gave her the affirmation that fashion is what would like to go into.

Ropa always wanted to do something different from the fast fashion trend in which all the fashion brands seemed to follow, doing similar apparel and accessories.

The designer noticed that many shoes on the market were missing height options, and stores would either sell one or two variations. Mupambwa wanted to sell five options so women could pick and choose what they wanted without being limited in choice.

“I noticed that people would end up wearing the wrong heel height, or they just ended up not buying shoes because they don’t have the right heel height. I wanted to fill in the gap in this challenging day.” she told Dailyhive.

When Ropa Mupambwa started selling shoes, she wanted her brand to be different, unique and to solve a problem as well. This brought about her initiative to launch Celyn Roze, her five-heights shoe brand in 2019, with the vision of designing shoes in five different heel heights: flats, 3.5 cm, 6 cm, 9 cm, and 12 cm.

All Celyn Roze five-heights shoe have a signature orange sole and a cushioned insert so that wearers can benefit from the comfort of extra padding (something all women have been waiting for).

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