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How This Nigerian Went From Uber Driver To Property Millionaire In UK

A Nigerian man, Daniel Moses whose journey from being an Uber driver to become a successful property owner began in 2004 following his brief journey to the UK. He ventured into the Nigerian oil and gas business and was involved in the transportation of oil, that is, lifting of refined oil such as petrol, diesel, and kerosene, from the depot to petrol stations where it was then sold to consumers.

When he got to the peak of his business, he encountered challenges that led to the loss of over $150,000 in the process. This incident affected him severely but heb restrategised and learnt lessons on what caused the collapse of his business.

After weighing his options, he decided to travel to United Kingdom in search for greener pasture.

He took up a job in a delivery company and within two years working as a delivery man, he became a freelance Uber driver after becoming a TFL License Holder in United Kingdom.

He came across an ad on Facebook about how to make money from real estate and took interest in it and this kickstart his journey in real estate and today he has become a specialist in Rent-to-Home.

He said he is one of the UK’s most successful Nigerian self-made property millionaires, property investors, coaches, mentors, authors, and keynote speakers.

“I got into property investing, and through the use of various property investment strategies, I have successfully built a 7-figure property business within the last five years and created a new profession for myself,” he said

Moses, who became the owner of the Property Wealth Associates brand, subsequently founded Property Wealth Education where he helps individuals get started in property investing. According to him, since he started his real estate business, the venture has been growing from year to year even amidst Covid-19.

“There is no other black-led property or wealth coaching company as large as Property Wealth Education. We have disrupted a predominantly white male industry and become competitors of the leading property wealth training companies in the UK within a very short space of time,” he said.

This shows that this business performance is sustainable for long term growth. The more people Property Wealth Education helps, the more people are able to help the company. Because Property Wealth Education invests so much of its revenue back into the business, it is able to continually strengthen its business operations from front house marketing to client mentorship, right the way back to corporate governance and infrastructure.”

His real estate business has made him get featured in articles on Yahoo Finance, CNBC News, Fox News, and several Nigerian business interview articles focusing on how an immigrant from Nigeria has done so well abroad.

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