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How This Nigerian Man Went From Earning N20,000 As An Employee To Owning Over 5 Million Naira Worth ICT Business

Matesun Ibrahim Olakunle who was earning twenty thousand naira(20,000) managing a business centre has now moved to being able to conveniently pay himself a minimum of three hundred thousand naira(N300,000) monthly from running his ICT business.

The smart young man who after working with various organizations without any sense of fulfillment resolved to resignation to follow his passion of becoming an entrepreneur.

He gave up on paid jobs as a result of the ugly experiences he had as an employee in which delay in salary and lack of adequate welfarism of members of staff was a major issue.

Ibrahim took the bold step of sacking his employer,even though he had no clear cut plan on what next to do. While struggling to survive, he had to venture into picking empty bottles on the street in exchange for money so that he could atleast get a meal.

Now CEO of Matbryam Infotech Solutions, where such services as Web Design, Cyber Cafe, Scanning, Photography, Printing and ICT Trainings are rendered, Ibrahim who is now controlling a business worth over 5 million naira is impacting lives by training people on acquiring digital skills that will help them navigate through life’s journey successfully. He also manages ShowICT(Ogun State Chapter) where they deal in sales of UK used laptops, gadgets.

Speaking with Espact, Ibrahim stated that transitioning into the entrepreneurial world wasn’t an easy one but drawing his inspiration from a friend of his who started same business and few months into the business had made significant success, he swung into action and it’s been an interesting journey.

Although he battled with being able to manage his profit well at the beginning because he lacked experience on how to separate his life from his business so at that point he was basically spending every profit he made from the business until he read a book titled Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki which helped him changed his mentality on how to manage business funds and ever since, he has been able to make significant progress in his business.

The new face of Matbryam Infotech Solutions

The business which started out has a low scale sole proprietorship is now fully established and now Matesun is able to keep his business running without having to be on ground.

The CEO and his staffs

He stated that a major challenge to ICT business in Nigeia is irregular power supply but they are able to to find their way around it using generator as an alternative, although it is injurious to the business as this consumes a lot of funds. Another major challenge is the depreciation in the value of naira as it affects the prices of our products.

His mantra remains do the necessary,possible and Impossible.
Be good,free with people and enjoy your self when the time comes.

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