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How This Nigerian- American Engineer Is Making Impact In United States

A Nigerian-American Engineer, Ebenezer Osunlalu has been making great impact in the United States of America through his selfless service to the US Army and contributions to economic growth.

Ebenezer combines a demanding engineering job in the civilian world for a fortune 100 company with a leadership role in the military.

In his civilian job, Ebenezer is an IT Applications Portfolio Manager & Engineering Systems Manager, while in the Military, he holds an Executive Officer position (2nd in command/deputy commander). However, he is also an Engineering Science Officer in the Preventive Medical Area of Occupation.

Through all these career roles and responsibilities, he has had to contribute his own quota to impacting the growth of the various industries in the country over the years, and still aims to continue in that path.

Ebenezer is an extremely logical person who thinks that things need to be done meticulously. He is also fun to be around but extremely disciplined. According to him, he has an assertive commander type personality.

Ebenezer, who has always had the quest and thirst to find solutions to complex ideas uses tons of six sigma tools to solve process improvement concerns. ‘Although, it is tough but I would not love it any other way’, Ebenezer expressed his thoughts.

According to him, combining all these roles can be quite demanding, but knowing his eventual objective is to lead an organization, he has had to acquire remarkable skills, experience and degrees over the years to push him a little further in achieving this set objective.

“My Father’s diplomatic career infused in me, a desire to serve. In as much as I was unsure how, I knew I must serve”. “This drive led me into one of the best decisions ever made”, Ebenezer said has he explained what motivated his decision to serve his country.

Ebenezer Osunlalu also explained that ‘Discipline’ is a formula that has kept him going over time, being focused and seeking assistance when needed. He mentioned that he has always had to be humble to ask for guidance, while maintaining great relationships with his soldiers and colleagues as they became his family over time.

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