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How This Malawian Inventor Lights Up His Whole Village With Bicycle And River

Colrerd Nkosi, a Malawian inventor and electrician successfully lighted up his whole village with bicycle and river after several experiments.

Colrerd Nkosi had an innovative idea on how to bring electricity to his small village in Malawi, he did a lot of experimenting at the beginning by putting a bicycle in the river and brainstormed about how the current moved the pedals, and how it might be turned into power.

Colrerd Nkosi used an old refrigerator compressor that converted power for 6 homes. His neighbors were clamoring, so he continued to upgrade by using a repurposed corn-shelling machine motor and a fast-moving river. Through this, Nkosi created an electric turbine that’s now lighting up homes for him and his neighbors for free in the town of Mzimba.

This great inventor, colrerd Nkosi created his latest turbine which has the potential to produce enough power to provide electricity to 1,000 homes and created another turbine which can be installed downstream to expand the grid.

The latest invention he created is the hydro power which has the added benefit of lessening deforestation by negating the necessity for locals to cut down trees in order to obtain charcoal.

The driving force behind Nkosi’s DIY power initiative (known as the jKasangazi Hydro-Electrical Power Plant) is not profit. Indeed, the only charge for his service is a €1 per month maintenance fee.

Over 2,000 people have benefitted from his sustainable and locally generated electricity. He did not only accomplished his goal, but also won an award from the Queen of England.

Nkosi shows more love to his people and already gives hands-on lessons in the basics of carpentry and engineering to village children, and fervently hopes to expand his own skillset with more advanced studies.

Colrerd Nkosi also wish he could find a sponsor to help him fulfill his plan of going back to school to further his knowledge and pass on what he has earned to others.

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