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How This Inventor Created Machine That Turns Any Alcoholic Drink Into Soft Scoop ‘Ice Cream’

An inventor named Will Rogers built a machine called ‘Below Zero’ that turns any alcoholic drink into soft scoop ‘Ice Cream’.

The Below Zero machine works by taking any alcoholic beverage and crystallizes it in under thirty minute

The ‘Below Zero’ machine takes any alcoholic beverage and crystallizes it in under 30 minutes. The drink is first de-gassed to remove the carbon dioxide, then it is mixed with a gel, put in the machine, and out comes the ice cream.

Will Roger said when he begins this invention, he used liquid nitrogen to make Below Zero, but now with the new machines he put it out in a cone and it’s ready to eat.

Will Rogers was inspired to create his machine while running an ice-cream shop and trying to formulate a highly-caffeinated espresso flavour. He was motivated by one of his staff and he started experimenting with gums and stabilizers from the ice cream industry to create his patented gel.

He created this and the result add advantage to his business because once he cracked the crystallization, the machine was born and he started serving boozy delicacies at catering events.

Will Rogers said “Vodka and lemonade cone is his personal favourite because on a hot day it is just like having an Italian ice-cream.

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