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How This Entrepreneur Built Smartwatch That Helps Find Lost Phones

Richard Odjrado , a 32-year-old tech developer is the founder and CEO of AS World Tech, which manufactures smartwatch that helps find and trace lost phones, laptops,and smart glasses.

He founded the company after he lost his smartphone at a party and he could not trace it. He, therefore, built the smartwatch to help anyone trace and recover their lost or stolen phones.

His invented smartwatch, AS Watch V7, also works like Apple or Samsung smartwatch, which allows anyone answer phone calls, text messages or get text messages.

His smartwatch is cheaper and has more functions than those made by big corporations, he said. The smartwatch is water-resistant, helps to check body temperature and its unique feature is it helps secure smartphones against theft and neglect.

When one is about three meters away from their phone, the watch will vibrate and they will get a text message letting them know that they are away from their phone. This means that as long as one is wearing AS Watch, they can no longer forget their phone or misplace their phone.

The AS Watch is not the only product he makes. He also produces laptops.

His computers are also great for the environment because once it is old you only need to upgrade them

He also wanted to reduce traffic accidents, so he invented connected glasses which allows people to listen to music and to make calls, he said.

His tech venture has attracted interest from some global brands who are offering him good money for an outright purchase

Odjrado has been an entrepreneur since age 14. He has been involved in the digital transformation of Africa in both the private and public service for more than five years. He plans to train local engineers in Africa to prove to the rest of the world that the continent has what it takes to compete.

“We will train local engineers in African countries and set up a co-creation process with users in order to have high-level user experiences. The future is in Africa and Africa is us,” “Africa can’t do anything without local synergy. That’s why we are all about Shining Together and to do that we need to take action now and together.”

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