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How This Cameroonian App, Idocta Connects Patients With Doctors

A passionate pharmacist Yannick Mbarga developed an application, idocta with the sole aim of connecting patients with medical practitioners, who would give them advice, prescribe, or if needed visit them at their homes to treat them.
Yannick Mbarga saw the need for this app in Cameroon especially during the heat of COVID-19 pandemic, people were not allowed to move carelessly, and generally, people were scared to move out with the fear of getting coronavirus. Now people in Cameroon can speak to a doctor from their homes, further promoting social distancing and safety among Cameroonians.

“The problem that Idocta solves is access to affordable health care for people. We have found that urban centers are overcrowded, hospitals are overcrowded in urban centers. And in rural areas, we face what is called the phenomenon of medical deserts. IDocta provides a solution to improve people’s accessibility to health care thanks to technology”.

The idocta team testifies of an increase in usage of their app due to the pandemic as people prefer to stay safe and stay healthy. To get home visit costs 9 U.S. dollars on the app and that is cheaper than less than appointments in private clinics. With the help of this app, Cameroon’s health and safety is further promoted.

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