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How This 36-Year-Old Woman Made Over $109,000 From Selling NFTs With $10

36-year-old Brittany Pierre found herself in a precarious financial situation before she began earning six figures. She got depressed living paycheck to paycheck, struggled to pay her Chicago apartment rent, afford groceries and bus fare.

However, Pierre’s financial situation changed when she was introduced by her friend and fellow artist Elise Swopes to nonfungible tokens (NFTs). An NFT of Swopes’ work sold for over $17,600. Both artists also took to YouTube and Google for an understanding of how NFTs work.

After a month of practice, Pierre was confident enough to sell her first NFTs. The first $200 ($300) she made went toward paying her rent. She made her first sale after Weesh (a notable NFT collector on Twitter) saw some of Pierre’s art and decided to purchase it. “After that, I went all in,” said Pierre. Although she later found another job, Pierre decided to quit and pursue NFTs full-time.

She said she was deeply grateful to artists who helped her learn about NFTs when she first started the process. It was challenging at first, but over time, as she made more money, she was able to pay for bills and live more comfortably. Pierre isn’t just spending her money alone; she donates to organizations and invests in other artists’ NFTs. Some of those investments have already paid off, and Pierre has made a nice return on those works.

“I was able to show more responsibility,” she said. “I was getting all my bills paid on time. And then, I was able to get groceries — I was living on ramen, ground beef, tuna cans and water for a very long time. I was able to fill my fridge, which I’d never been able to do on my own.”

She added “last year has been the first year that I could live completely abundantly, more with my heart than I ever have been able to. I’ve never had a job over $15 an hour.”

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