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How This 11-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Invented Generator

Muhammad Kaumi Bashir, an 11-year-old Nigerian boy from Bornu State in northern Nigeria-who invented a generator-reportedly is a first-year high school student. He was able to make this mini-generator because he is an extremely intelligent and inquisitive boy who wants to follow his dream of becoming an electrical engineer.

His creation can be expanded upon and can power light bulbs. Mallama Yakaka Kaumi, Bashir’s mother, claims that her son began showcasing his creative genius in electronic and mechanical fabrications at the young age of five.
She continued by saying that her son gets up each morning and tells her of his dream become a renowned electrical engineer all over the world.


According to Muhammad’s mother, “He is passionate about founding a sizable electrical engineering firm and using it to address the nation’s power crisis.”
Due to their inability to finance this dream, Muhammad’s mother has turned to the government and other investors for support to enable her son realize his ambition.

Speaking about his innovation, Muhammad said that one day he hopes to become an electrical engineer and help the nation solve its long-standing power crisis especially in Maiduguri that has had electrical issues for more than two years. Similarly, his father’s financial incapability to install a solar panel spurred this dream. He goes further to explain, “I decided to make my own generator that uses no gasoline and can power light bulbs.”
Nigerian youth and children have now established a presence in the creation and manufacture of technological hardware. It is no news why domestic and international markets are increasingly in need of them.

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