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How These 5 Middle School Teenagers Made History By Completing Their College’s First-Year Session 

This is a clear story of brains meets determination as five black teenagers made history by not only flying color grades but also making their families and community proud by completing their first year of college at tender ages.

These bright and young achievers, keyanna grant, 13, Keniah Washington, 13, Tyreek Nash , 14, Miracle Butler, 14, and Kaitlyn Archie-McDonald, 14, became the  1st group of students taking college dual enrollment classes at Icon Preparatory School in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida. They just finished their first year of college as well as three years of high school at the ages of 13 and 14. The youngest of the group Keniah and Keyanna began taking college courses at 12 years old.

Icon preparatory school

Child prodigies are always in the news for their accomplishments, especially when graduating from college while they’re still children however the percentage of black American students rose significantly in the cause of five years. Statistics show that out of 852,500 students in the United States annually, 76% of them are black Americans with 11% of them being teenagers at college level. Just recently the massive migration of Africans added to the high rate of colored skinned students in western institutions.

Some cities/states in Canada and UK laid an embargo on age limits for students in college to allow them mature before facing more advanced education  but the icon preparatory school where these teenagers study are of a different opinion. 

Icon prep

Icon Preparatory School is a private school that educates over 800 students. Icon Prep is open to any student in the state of Florida and is committed to closing the achievement gap among its scholars and more affluent peers. With a belief that a student’s zip code does not determine their destination, Icon Preparatory School empowers its students to reach their maximum potential, preparing them for life in college and beyond.

The scholars anticipate obtaining their Associate’s Degree within the next year from Saint Leo University, after which they will move to another four-year university as juniors to finish off their bachelor’s degree.

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