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How Tech Is Helping Sport Industry Survive Pandemic

It is no doubt that technology saved the world economy to a large extent during the hat of COVID-19 pandemic. The sports industry is not left out, they have been able to leverage tech to simmer down the effect of the pandemic on the industry and ensure continuous operation rather than total shutdown.
When we hear revamped mode of operation, it’s is simply revamped to leverage on tech, this is exactly what the sports industry in Africa and all over the world are doing.

Here are the tech trends in the sport industry

Simulated reality/ e-sport
During the pandemic where everyone was forced to sit at home, no sport event, no income generation, We witnessed a predominant rise of simulated reality leagues or e-sport. Sports fanatics and also players engage in this exercise. It has become a source of income generation aside from conventional sporting activities
Live fan engagement technology
Most sports activities have resumed now but with the no fans rule. The fans serve as an avenue for income generation with ticket sales and hospitality but they also serve as “morale booster” for fans when they chant the names of players and athletes or the club name. With the absence of fans, all of these are meant to be missing but technology once again has come to save the day with modern technology like zoom and the like enabling live fan engagement during sports events

Social media
Social media is a great platform to engage people. This gave sportspersons the ability to relate with fans and people interested in the sports industry without physical contact, deals, transfers, and so on.

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