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How Social Media Influencer Turned Entrepreneur Made 7 Figures before 21 

Entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves is more than your average social media influencer. She is one of a few influencers that flipped her social capital into a lucrative cash flow that made her 7 figures before she turned 21.

Jayda Ayanna, also known as Jayda Cheaves, is a writer and entrepreneur from the United States. She started out as a waitress, but decided to quit so as to give full attention to her entrepreneurial journey.

Jaydah Cheaves

The social media influencer started her journey as a social media celebrity, and built up popularity by posting pictures of her everyday school outfits on social media , which became a thing of interest to young women who loved her fashion style. 

Instead of selling the cloths on Poshmark, an e-commerce market place where people can buy and sell second hand fashion and home goods, She decided to launch her own website, marking the beginning of her journey. The endeavor transformed into building her popular brand Waydamin.

Social media influencer

The entrepreneur cashed in before she grew a large social media presence, and had millions of followers. In 2018, Cheaves shared the numbers that rolled in from her online company, AmourJayda Hair, before turning 21-years-old. She mentioned that from 2016 to 2018, she made $2.5 million, which was just from her hair business.

Cheaves has been on boss moves for yearambassador for brands like Savage, Fenty and Fashion Nova. 

Now, at 25-years-old, Jayda Cheaves is on her grind to elevate her status as she mentioned that in five years from now she really wants to make a billion dollars and expressed that it is attainable once she is able to continue with the mindset she has, and on the path she’s on. 

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