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How Sierra Leone’s Edmond Nonie Built Tech Company That Tracks Construction Projects With Drones

Edmond Nonie, a Sierra Leonean entrepreneur co-founded Track Your Build, a technology driven company that offers remote sensing services for construction and infrastructure management as well as a project management and construction jobs cloud.

The construction drones company offer a combination of professional engineering services enhanced by using drone, satellite, and ground sensor data to create documents, drawings and advisory for projects, assets, and field service management

These services are provided for organizations and individuals that want third-party, unbiased monitoring of their construction projects. It offers an easy-to-use cloud platform that they can use to remotely track and manage progress

Edmond mentioned in his talks to James Torvaney of ‘HowwemadeitinAfrica’ about his company’s journey from a small drone operator in his home country of Sierra Leone to a comprehensive construction management platform used to monitor large-scale projects across West Africa and beyond.

Edmond started the construction drones company offering what he knew he could offer at the time, which was drone imagery. He marketed it to diasporas who were sending money back to Sierra Leone for construction projects, but were not getting visibility and as a result were not happy with their builds, or were unable to track their money.

The company then started building its offering out stage-by-stage, expanded to things like NGOs and government agencies as well as overseas investors looking for transparency over their investments.

The general idea of the company, which is remote monitoring of construction builds has remained the same, but the applications and methods have developed over time. Right now the model is still very human centered.

The construction drones company is building up its automation capabilities; adding the predictive element and supporting the project manager’s role.

Edmond mentioned that; now that he is older, he understands how to play the game a lot more. “Age can definitely be a good thing, people find you a lot more compelling when you are speaking from an area of expertise and experience”, he stated.

He stated that the company wants to expand what it is doing in Nigeria and Senegal and create a new presence in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. It is working on securing a number of large, recurring contracts so that it can have a solid and sustainable sales pipeline that will put them in a strong position should they decide to seek funding.

Edmond Nonie believes in patience; Understand that it is not an overnight process and building something good takes time. He also believes in learning what you can do today and what will have to wait. He started Track Your Build knowing he was willing to commit to a minimum 10-year horizon to get to where he wanted to go.

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