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How SanoFoods Is Promoting Healthy Lifestyle In Nigeria

SanoFoods, known for their unrelenting efforts to ensure every human maintains a healthy lifestyle, has continued to manufacture organic products that are great for the human system.

Nigerians have now made the consumption of Sano Organic Foods a daily routine to be able to enjoy a longer life span.

Organic products which have been scientifically certified to be great for the health has become their core and these products have gained a large level of acknowledgement from their end users because of the great health benefits they get from consuming these products.

The health of man is very important as it forms a key basis for their existence or non-existence, therefore, paying keen attention to one’s health should always top one’s list as we go about life’s activities.

“We are what we eat” has proven to be a very valid expression over the years so it is very important that we make the best choices when it comes to our food intake.

SanoFoods are the producers of;

Sano Tumeric Garri: What stands their Garri out is the tumeric that is processed with the Garri. Tumeric has really great health benefits and everyone who would be treating themselves to this Garri will be signing up for an ageless glow, easy digestion, skin revival and a lot more.

What can you do with Sano Tumeric Garri?
*You can drink it
*You can make swallow with it

Sano Lemongrass Tea: Twenty tea bags of relief in a pack. This tea is perfect for both young and old. The taste makes it even more unique as it leaves you with a pleasant feeling while enjoying great health benefits.

Sano Organic Chicken: These are home grown chickens, purely organic and free from fertilizer.

Sano Organic Spices(Curry powder, Tropical basil, Sweet basil, Chili pepper and Thyme leaves): These are very great ingredients for cooking and highly beneficial to the health.

Every SanoFoods product is 100% chemical free, you can be sure of an improved health status from being a consitent consumer.

Call For Wholesalers and Distributors

SanoFoods also encourages that love is being spread around which birthed the gift box package where various sanofoods products can be boxed up for gifting.

Gifting a loved one a box containing SanoFoods is a perfect idea as the recipient will be enjoying great health benefits from its consumption.

You might want to give SanoFoods a try, here’s where to find them( IG: sanofoodng , Facebook: Sanofoods)

SanoFoods also is open to wholesale and distributorship plans across Nigeria.

For further enquiries or to place order; Contact us through our DM/ Whatsapp or Call- +2349062431195

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