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How Renee Chuks Is Turning Cassava Into Healthy Pasta

Renee Chuks is the founder of Aldente Africa and a Nigerian trained chef who is turning Cassava into healthy pasta.

Renee Chuks is a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. She graduated in 2011 and returned to Nigeria to work in different capacities as a Chef with A-list hotels in Nigeria

During the lockdown, she decided to start something different then she uses locally grown cassava and plantain instead of wheat to produce hand-made pasta in her kitchen. Chuk’s innovative and creative idea makes her production the latest addition to the use of cassava on the continent.


Renee Chuks also infuses her pasta with herbs and vegetables to give her pasta a greenish or pinkish tint. She touts her pasta as healthier and more affordable amidst the rising cost of food on the market.

Renee Chuks thought of the need to eat what grows in our land, the need to secure the food in our land, to not get everything that we eat from outside, instead, we should create from inside and then share with the world the goodness that we have.

She has headlined several culinary shows and food festivals, in addition to consulting for top food brands.

Renee Chuks sells her food in health food stores and online. Her business is also among the first in Nigeria to make gluten-free pasta. She also produces wines made from hibiscus plants and herbs for cooking.

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