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How Property Lagos Is Capturing Nigerian Real Estate Market With Genuineness

Property Lagos, the marketing department of Buildcode International Ltd an innovative  real estate company  presently capturing the Nigerian real estate market with the high level of genuineness in their business practices.

The Lagos based company is committed to providing the best services and delivering excellent innovative solutions for people’s property requirements ranging from land to houses.

In an exclusive interview with their Managing director, Mr Akinbola Towoju he talked extensively on things people should look out for while buying lands.

Mr Akinbola Towoju

He started by explaining that land is a free gift of nature from God, and is necessary we acquire it. Owning land in Lagos can be seen as a good business venture as well as a wise futuristic investment but  most times, when people are eagered to purchase land in Lagos, they tend to overlook some things which leads to them being defrauded through forged documents and some other dubious means. They always forget to consult genuine company that’s into real estate

Mr Towoju highlighted few things people need to consider when buying land in Lagos, so they won’t fall victim of fraudulent companies or nad investment.

1. Neighbourhood and Landmarks

He said, people  need to check who are going to be their neighbors before buying land in Lagos. Some neighbourhood slows down development and that might hinder the appreciation of lands in those areas. So, you should always try to predict what will become of an area in 5-10 years’ time.

Check to see if there any notable Government or Private project going on or already started to operate like this will tell you if the area will develop fast.

Property Lagos can help you out with this because they survey of areas before helping their client to acquire it

Any neighborhood you can find up to 5 World Class Landmarks weather in operation or still under construction is a great choice.

2. Environment

Having a perfect knowledge of the environment where one intends to buy land is very important. Some areas, especially in Lagos are prone to flooding. So, people need to make enquiry and be sure that they arw not buying land from the flooded areas.   Property Lagos  can help get  land in a place that suits your need. They currently have a 500Sqm( a plot)  land for sale in  Carribean Lake City Sangotedo, Ajah. The lands will be sold with promotional  price of 10 million Naira till November 30,2018 and only few units are available.

3. Accessibility

People  might feel  that this is not important, but they need  to know  it is important to check the availability  of  the land they  want to buy so they wont have to be have to beg their neighbours before they can access your land.

He advised that we always ensure the area where we are thw buying land has good road network.


This is a very important point people  should note before buying land in a particular area. People should  always check to see if the community has a way of tackling security challenges. He said  we can  ask people leaving around there to know if the area is peaceful and does not get harassment from rubbers and hoodlums.

5.Zoning Restrictions.

Mr Akinbola said it is important for people to know the zoning permits of the area they are trying to buy land from as this will help them know what the government’s  plan for that area is.

Be said people people will  not be allowed to build a factory where the government has already marked for residential building. So they  need to know this so they don’t   have issues with the government in the future.

Even if the area is for residential building,  people  need to know the kind of building the government permits for the area.

In order not to fall, victim of this, you can contact genuine  real estate  companies like PropertyLagos. They’ve done their researches and they know specific areas with their purposes.

Building a skyscraper in an area where the government habe assigned for bungalow will lead to  issues with the government.

6.Legal Documents

When getting a land in a place like Lagos Mr Towoju advised that we  make sure we get all the necessary legal documents to back it up. He advised that  people  check to be very sure that the land you are planning to buy is genuinely registered.

A lot of people think that the best document to check for is the C of O (Certificate of Occupancy), but it’s far more than that. Moreover, a land with C of O in Nigeria only has 100 years to be used before the land comes back to the Government.

So if an individual purchases  a land that  has already been used for 40 years before the time of purchase, that means they  have 60 years left to use that land.

Mr Akinbola Towoju said the main documents to check for is the Survey Plan, Deed of Assignment, Excision and Gazette.This will help them know if the land is under government acquisition or free, and also know what the land can be used for with the help of these documents.

However, Mr Akinbola Towoju says people can manoeuvre these stresses by contacting Property Lagos as they know all the right and legal documents to get for you.

You contact  Property  Lagos through their  contact details .  Call 08125865542 or send Whatsapp messages  to 08142758655.

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