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How Persistence Helped Idongesit Harrison Umoh Build Her Multi-million Naira Brand

Amidst the economic challenges in Nigeria, some Nigerian youths have decided to help their country grow by working on their ideas instead of waiting endlessly for the government to create jobs, one of these youths is vibrant Idongesit Harrison Umoh, CEO/Founder of Idong Harrie Limited, a Lagos based footwear and accessory manufacturing and retailing company.

Currently Idong Harrie Limited specializes in handmade shoes, slippers, sandals, wallets, handbags and all manner of small leather accessories but this brand wasn’t built in a day.

Her interest for making footwear started when she stumbled upon a pair of beaded slippers gifted to her mum, and she immediately realized that she could create something like that.

After studying the slipper, she tried her hands on a pair and succeeded at creating a pair of her own.
Idongesit started her now growing business with just N10,000 pocket money and what started as a hobby, has now turned out to be an incredible multi million Naira venture, with customers in various countries around the world, wearing premium quality made in Africa leather goods.

Her designs are uniquely crafted in a way that you can spot an Idong Harrie piece from afar without even touching them.

Idongesit Harrisonโ€™s success story is one of perseverance even in seemingly impossible situations, persistence, and consistency throughout her business journey. She believes that it is important to keep improving as an entrepreneur and staying true to yourself. She also believes that it is never too late to work on your dream.

Idongesit is committed to putting Nigeria on the global map through her business, and she urges everyone who has the drive to create something new to just start. Take opportunities, and understand that no one can execute their vision better than they can. She also believes that more women should take initiative when it comes to scaling their businesses and facing challenges head on.

Source: BellaAfricana

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