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How Palm Oil Business Owner Who Started At Age 23 Now Has Million Dollars Business In Several Countries

Razaq Juwon Lawal made his first million selling palm oil at the age of twenty three.

He always helps his father in his palm kernel business in Iyamoye town, Ekinrin Ade, Kogi State. He always worked at his father’s factory when be comes back from school and weekends

He said he would always go to the factory after school to work with his father and his employees, and as curious as he was, it was a learning experience for him

After the death of his father in 1999, Lawal handled the management of his father’s business. This allowed him travel to several countries to gain insight and ideas from other business opportunities and technologies and how he could make use of them in Nigeria.

He mostly traveled to Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea and it was in one of these trips that birthed another business venture called Oillet Services.

Lawal was also engaged in consulting services to companies which earned him his first million at age 23 while producing and selling palm kernel oil. Some of the consulting services he provided are: performing feasibility studies and set up small and medium-scale palm kernel oil extracting plants.

He later found himself exploring business opportunities in the oil, marine and agribusiness. His transition to oil and marine business started when he was called upon to supply Industrial generators to factories.

In 2006 he was called upon to supply a generator to a vessel that was having challenges powering their cranes as they had tried several solutions but couldn’t find a reliable one.

He delivered the right solution they needed and this singular act of diligence and performance opened more doors for him.

“I was paid very well for my efforts and I developed interest in the shipping and marine industry,” he said. “What you see with Oillet Services and Cropyfy is an evolution of experiences I had from the beginning.”

His firm, Africent Group, which is the mother body of his businesses, now has offices in several countries. The firm is headquartered in Logistics City Dubai World Central, United Arab Emirates, with operations in West Africa and the United Kingdom.

Although multiple studies have found that COVID-19 negatively affected businesses, Lawal said he did not feel the impact of the contagion because he had adopted remote working before the pandemic.

“We found a way to digitize all our operations to ensure seamless and smooth running of all our business operations,” he said. “Even though business in Nigeria has evolved positively over the years, there is still the issue of safety and security for businesses.

He continued: “Our rights and privileges as business owners are not protected as compared to other countries. We still have people being bullied within the business space and little or nothing is done about it,” Lawal said.

His business venture earned him an official membership into Forbes Business Council and several awards. For instance, in 2013, he emerged winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Global Excellence Recognition Awards.

Now in his early 40s, Lawal’s journey has not always been smooth sailing. He encountered a lot of challenges on his way to the top. “These are challenges we all go through as Africans and as people trying to build something for ourselves, we do what we can to overcome them as they come and move on. You just need a good plan and strategy for whatever challenges that come your way and keep moving.”

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