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How Opeyemi Oyedeji’s Cloudbased Innovation Simplified Recruitment Processes For Nigerians

With each new day in Africa, discoveries and innovations are fast displacing everything and not a single facet is left behind, the introduction of WebCV app by Opeyemi Oyedeji is another momentum for more efficiency in human resources profession as he now simply human resource operations by removing the challenges faced during recruitment processes through the introduction of a cloud-based CV editing, sharing and submission app for job seekers and employers.

The objective of WebCV is to simplify as much as possible the recruitment process and improve visibility for job-seekers.
The precedence of the recruitment exercise we had was one that subjected job Seekers to travel across states to submit their CV for job openings, soon, we moved to one where postal services are deployed to send CV to recruiter, and until the recent adoption of electronic mailing system by various organization, however, this current trend of sending CV to emails is not without its shortcomings as it poses a great challenge on the recruiter, and also involve a lot of data and storage to manage.

Then since many recruiters hardly get back to Job seekers on the status of their application, many of them spent a long period of time expecting response from their prospective employer, and sometimes most of the mails sent by job seekers hardly get to their desired recipient because of network failure or excessive spamming. Also, multiple applications make selections difficult and thus, a recruitment process scheduled to be concluded in a week is extending into two or three.

The 29-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur is a graduate of Electrical Engineering from Osun State University and currently a doctoral student at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, he is passionate about developing technology- based solutions to solve problems of human societies with much emphasis on the workplace as his other works including Careerbridge were project that would ease complications in the workplace when launched.
Simply, a WebCV address can be considered as a personal website for the ideal job-seeker, displaying relevant information about their career profile including but not limited to educational background, work-experience, skills, interests and certifications
Each job-seeker on WebCV is issued a personalized WebCV address.

On this web address, the job-seeker can add relevant sections of their career profiles. All visitors to the webpage, including employers can download the job-seekers’ CV in a PDF format. Also within the WebCV application, job-seekers can email their WebCV address. This feature relieves the extra-effort of emailing CVs all the time. Further, job-seekers can apply for open positions directly with their WebCV ID. Again, you don’t need to do the usual “Upload CV”.
WebCV also include the employers interphase that gives direct access to all job-seekers’ CV. This feature allows employers and HR professionals to head hunt for certain positions without needing to make special requests for CV submissions. The popular recruitment process among HR professional involves requesting for CV submissions in PDF/Word format. This is a thing of the past when using WebCV for CV submission and shortlisting. Interested applicants only need to submit their WebCV address. All applications are presented to the HR executive in a list-format from which they can easily click through web links to access applicant’s CV.
It is also easier to browse through applications using the search feature on WebCV. You can easily search through all applications for relevant skills, experience, and educational background that suits the position you’re recruiting for. Further, the mail feature allows HRs to send directed emails at all/shortlisted applicants directly from within WebCV. No need to export email addresses to a special emailing service.

The mission of WebCV is to simplify the recruitment and job search process for HRs, employers and job-seekers. The service absolutely FREE to use.
The application is available on Google Play store and Apple store, it runs freely on android, IOS and other compactible devices, and it offers a flexible and simply approach to human resources practice.
It is indeed a home-made application, and a quality innovation aimed to promoting efficiency in human resources practice.

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