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How Ope Bukola, Left Google To Start Innovative Learning Platform, Kibo

Ope Bukola is a Nigerian-born entrepreneur , founder and CEO of Kibo School,  a new online university that provides affordable and high quality stem degrees to African students.

Prior to her launch of Kibo, she had a very impressive background in the edtech, she led the product team of google classroom and worked as a product manager at amplify education. She was the winner of the world largest global Edtech pitch competition for pre seed and seed startups 2022.

Kibo is an online innovative learning platform that is focused on using the internet and technology to ensure that African students can get a great university education.

They are launching a bachelor’s degree in computer science by October 2020. Currently, the company also provides a five-week introductory programming course called Try Kibo, which enables students to master the basics of Python and web development while also exploring computing and online learning.

Why Ope Bukola left google to start up a learning platform like Kibo

Based on her experience leading a team of software engineers to build educational software, she was very confident to take the risk of building a new platform from the scratch.

Because of the pandemic she was encouraged to create dynamic learning, not just only watching videos or writing notes but interested in using great tools that will make education collaborative and interesting.

She said Africa’s educational system needs to be restructured which is Kibo’s Ultimate goal. Her dream made leaving google easy for her. Kibo will be focusing on young Africans that want to challenge or revolutionise Africa’s status quo with technology. Technology is very important in all aspects of life

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