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How Nollywood’s Georgina Onuoha Overcame All Odds To Get Her Master’s Degree

The route to success for people differs in the number of obstacles they have to overcome to reach their goal. In the case of some, the obstacles are so hard and plenty, success is described as being inspite of and not because of. One of those who fall into this category is Georgina Onuoha.

Georgina is a Nollywood actress and the proud holder of a master’s degree in healthcare sciences, an endeavour that took a lot out of the thespian.

According to her, the odds were heavily stacked against as she embarked on her academic sojourn. First, she was not in the best shape healthwise and barely getting enough sleep. She attributed this state to the brutal hours and demands that come with working as a health consultant. This is because the role requires “daily reading, data analysis and processing”.

“In between, I had to be a mom (yes single parent) and as well manage my businesses,” she wrote.

With the many obstacles lying in her path, Georgina considered just backing out, quitting in order to have the energy to face other areas of her life. However, her zeal and encouragement from her daughters kept her going, giving her that extra boost when most needed.

“Multiple trips to ER for blood transfusions, low hemoglobin of 2.1 due to severe haemorrhage caused by fibroids. I was in a fight for my life. I saw me disappearing. Many thought I was looking for shape or dieting. NO!! I was barely hanging onto life.

I became a shadow of myself. I weighed less than required for my height. I contemplated leaving school and career because of poor health but my kids kept me going.”

With her health getting worse by the day, she elected to have a hysteroscopic myomectomy. All this time, she faced mockery from friends over weight loss, had to watch her grades almost fall to the ground if not for the help of her lecturers who saw she was struggling and kept pushing her.

“With time, I became stronger. Things started falling into place post surgery. I am thankful today for life and the grace given me. Not only did I graduate with Masters of Health Sciences, I came out with a flying GPA. Thank you lord for turning my pain to gain, tears into joy and despair into hope. I am eternally grateful to all who helped me through this journey and believed in me, my vision and aspirations. May heaven reward you all. When they say you can’t, Tell them “YES YOU CAN”.

We hear you loud and clear, Georgina. Yes, We Can.

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