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How Nkululeko Lehapa Inability To Afford Suits Led Him To Start His Own Corporate Wears Brand

Nkululeko Lehapa worked at Investec Private Bank in Sandton, Johannesburg, as a client support banker, and could not afford to buy formal suits, he then decided to make his own formal work attire which motivated him to start his own corporate wear brand.

Lehapa worked afternoon and night shifts in investac private bank, Sandton to assist his mother and pay for his tuition fee while studying Applied maths and economics full time during the day.

Nkululeko Lehapa found interest in fashion sector has his financial status could not afford buying suits for himself. He is a clothing and textiles entrepreneur who is passionate about creating local employment through the mass manufacturing of textile goods and services.

His passion for the fashion sector led him to found Busanimen Studios in 2013. The startup makes high-end men’s tuxedos and now has about 12 workers.

Lehapa received much attention for the quality and craftsmanship of his clothing, leading to the founding of Busanimen Studios in 2013 at age 19. He moved from mobile service to having a studio in bustling Braamfontein, Johannesburg’s city center.

His business model was to provide a mobile service where he sold quality suits, at the best fit, at the best price and this was superefficient.

Nkululeko Lehapa the South African entrepreneur made his first one million Rand in sales, which translates to $62,875 in a studio with a production capacity of only three machines. This milestone validated his existence as it meant to have a well-defined business model, however, as a result of this achievement, he found himself starving for growth and expansion.

Lehapa also decided to launch Busanitextiles which he and his team started manufacturing high-quality, high-quantity hospital linen and hospital wear, as well as school uniforms.

Busanimen is also now working with the fashion school at the University of Johannesburg to assist students with work and career guidance.

Lehapa was recently featured in Forbes Africa’s 30 UNDER 30 of 2022 bexause he is one of the best and brightest entrepreneurs operating in Africa.

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