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How Nkechi Harry Ngonadi Became Successful Through Her Passion For Fashion

What exactly are you passionate about? follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams. The CEO of NHN couture Nkechi Harry Ngonadi was very passionate about fashion, she followed it up, and her dream came to reality.

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The award-winning fashion guru has been covered by top African magazines like True Woman, as well as Business Elites Africa in their 30 Africa’s Most Powerful Women In Business. NHN Couture has also been featured alongside other top global brands at the annual prestigious Runway Dubai fashion show.

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Nkechi Ngonadi’s unique styling philosophy speaks of an exclusive blend of class, elegance and timeless fashion. Covered yet sexy, fabulous yet never too loud, international yet grounded to the roots NHN Couture’s fashion mantra aims to bring decency back to church first and then society at large.

“It feels great to be acknowledged by leading publications like the esteemed Entrepreneur magazine, Mummy & I and True Woman. I respect the rich heritage of African fashion and it has always been my motto to make the entire world aware of our elegant styling ethos. It’s an honor to represent African fashion before the world”, stated Nkechi Ngonadi.

A top favorite among African fashionistas, NHN Couture is the one-stop shop for elite and select fabrics, as well as ready-to-wear apparels and accessories. The ready-to-wear range covers everything from lace tops to skirts to dresses to chiffon/lace gowns. Mrs. Ngonadi has also brought back the traditional Nigerian Aso Ebi style at the forefront of modern African fashion. NHN Couture is strictly African traditional style with a blend of contemporary. Additionally, NHN Couture stocks a versatile range of rich fabrics including laces, silk, chiffon and Ankara. It’s also the exclusive store for Fouad Sarkis Couture in Nigeria.

Today, NHN Couture has become synonymous with simply classy women’s fashion in Africa. Launched in 2014, the fashion house has fast shown a dramatic rise in both national and international styling scene and is considered as one of the most successful models of African business.

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NHN is actively involved in empowering women, supporting and encouraging other entrepreneurs in building their own businesses. She assists in offering support, capital, and resources, to young women embarking on the challenging journey of entrepreneurship. She holds firm to the mantra that encouraging one person, propels them through the doorway, thus saving an entire community.

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