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How Myesha Luster Aroga’s Software Analog Teams Is Drive Job Opportunities Among Black People

Myesha Luster Aroga is driving job opportunities among black people around the world through her software analog teams.

Analog teams established a software development and talent recruiting company.

Myesha Luster Aroga is the Co-founder and COO of Analog Team with her partners Oladosu Teyibo and Yao Adantor.

The company has built software products for businesses and three products of its own. Many black people has also benefitted from this software to get great job opportunities for themselves.

Analog Teams is behind Research Bookmark, a search engine for product teams, Polifresh, a tool that breaks down policies into easily understandable briefs and The Native App, a real-time translation & messaging tool.they

The company offers Technical recruiting as a service where it connects talents from underrepresented backgrounds to premium job opportunities around the world.

The vision and desire of Analog teams, is to see more people like them in tech. They also want to use technology to drive a better connection among black people everywhere especially black people born and raised in the US, and those born and raised in Africa.

Analog Teams aims in building more bridges not just within Africa but in Asia, the UK, and beyond.

Myesha Luster Aroga advice every other entrepreneurs that they should strive for perfection, aim towards perfection and thrive off progression. Live and breathe off of the fact that you’re progressing. But you have to start by attempting perfection. People think perfection is impossible because they do not even try.

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