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How Mosunmola Umoru Capitalises On Opportunities In Nigeria’s Food Industry To Grow Her Business

Mosunmola Umoru, an agribusiness and food entrepreneur based in Nigeria is capitalizing on opportunities in the food industry in Nigeria to grow her business.

Mosunmola Umoru is the founder of Farmshoppe, a retail business focused on freshly processed farm produce.

She is also the Founder and Chief Realization Officer, of Honeysuckles PTL Ventures, which engages principally in farming, food production, processing and distribution of a wide range of products. which works with a subsidiary arm, Farmshoppe TM.

Mosunmola Umoru being a founder & CEO of Farmshoppe, her daily role is to oversee the development & operations of a 7,000-hectare agribusiness engaged principally in farming, food production, processing and distribution of a wide range of produce.

Mosunmola’s childhood passion was that she becomes a medical doctor, but providence had other plans. While she passed the entrance examination for admission into her choice medical school, she was forced to attend another university due to violence in the northern part of Nigeria at the time.

She studied Zoology/Animal Biology at Lagos State University and it was while there, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey.

Mosunmola did not just study Zoology, she took courses in fisheries, was into mini-livestock farming and multi-level marketing, and also ran a cake and cookie business.

She is an Ashoka Fellow and Goldman Sachs 10,000 women Scholar, who has served as an ambassador, advocate and consultant to the African Union Commission (Youth Division).

Mosunmola set up ABIRA Agricultural and Educational Support Initiative to help bridge the gaps identified in Nigeria and to pursue significant youth involvement in the sector, realizing that sustainable economic growth rests on SME development. 

ABIRA engages schools, governments, and businesses through a range of highly-impactful partnerships and interventions and to establish a training program to teach business to young people. 

Her advocacy initiatives for the Agricultural sector have earned several awards and consultancy roles in Africa. Mosunmola was recently selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader.

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