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How Lawren Wilson Is Tackling Call Centre Scheduling Challenges With A Workplace Solution App

Atlanta based entrepreneur Lawren Wilson developed a workplace solution app called ImIn incorporated to tackle call centre scheduling challenges. She was inspired to create this app because of the experience she had while working with her father.

Before Lauren Wilson founded ImIn, she worked in her father’s outsource call center space, then she became familiar with workplace dynamics.

Most of her father’s workers were African Americans and parents, a sizable number of them were women and single mothers. However, due to a lack of flexibility in work hours, she often saw scheduling challenges. Calling off work on a daily basis which usually led to a productivity loss for the company.

She got interested in solving high absenteeism from a business perspective. This led her to start ImIn Inc., a staffing software platform to help the call center industry by enabling employees to meet their weekly minimums with flexibility.

This solution app works by providing businesses with a way to effectively communicate with their staff, track wages and performance and reward users.

The Innovative entrepreneur launched the platform at the height of the pandemic so as to boost confidence in remote work which has features where staff can be provided flexibility by reaching 40 hours through working a flexible schedule throughout the week or it allows employers to cover shrinkage or gaps due to absenteeism through making unfilled hours available to an available workforce that works a minimum of 10 to 15 hours per week.

Laren Wilson Started the app project fully in 2021 with some 60 workers and over the period of eight months, she made $830,000 in revenue and got back around 30,000 hours of productivity for companies.

Wilson’s company employs six people for in-house development team because there is a product management role, a sales representative and three of the workers are in the U.S. while the other three are based in Portugal and India.

The company generates revenue based on a subscription where a fee is charged to a company per license per month. So far, ImIn app has licenses for 600 user employees and Wilson is aiming to grow to 1,500 licenses

Lawren Wilson believes her company could grow by focusing solely on the industry while exploring opportunities to expand into other sectors like retail and fast food.

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