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How Jade Fisher Successfully Manages Her FAMU Licensed Jewelry Business

Jade Fisher, a second-year business administration student at the Florida A&M University  (FAMU) became   an outstanding jewelry business owner when her university issued her a Collegiate Licensing Company License   to design FAMU jewelry and she has so far managed it successfully.

The 21-year- old was  inspired to start her fashion brand, JadeMarie LLC,  and focus her design on  FAMU Jewelry due to her love for the university, and she is absolutely delighted and grateful that people appreciate the jewelries as much as she does! 

Her collections of FAMU Jewelry are designed  with the  the university’s mascot which is a rattler snake.

Jade was born in New Jersey but hails from West Palm Beach, Florida, United States. Her interests include reading, brainstorming for her business, and thinking outside the box.

She identified FAMU graduates, students, professors, and anybody else who supports the university as her target audience. However, she also offers non-school-related jewelry, including watches, to everyone who loves to wear jewelries.

In her interview with Espact  she mentioned  that she doesn’t get FAMU Jewelries patronage  from her  website  clients  (, alone as  interested shoppers actually makes in-person purchases from her. Similarly, she intends to sell in target in Tallahassee eventually. 

Jade was also excited to inform us that she currently delivers everywhere. In her words, “It’s amazing receiving support from outside the country; I never would’ve guessed”. She manufactures in the USA and ships her jewelry around the world. Lots of orders have come to her from Belgium .

Jade’s School  Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) is a public historically black land-grant university in Tallahassee, Florida. Founded in 1887, It is the third largest historically black university in the United States by enrollment and the only public historically black university in Florida.

She  intends to continue creating jewelry for it even after leaving the university as one of her major target audience are FAMU alumni.

Crafting  jewelries for her school has developed into a passion she adores and  had made stand out from many other campus entrepreneurs since she created the jewelry, which means no one else is selling it.

 The majority of FAMU-licensed firms sell clothing and accessories rather than jewelry.

Jade goes on to say that receiving orders and compliments have been one of her favorite moments people expressing their adoration for her jewelry. She thinks to herself  that even one compliment on the jewelry has made all the tension worthwhile.

Getting her Collegiate Licensing Company License was her  greatest challenge with this brand as it was important  she got approved before selling FAMU jewelry in order to prevent a copyright lawsuit from the university.

 When it comes to trademarking, it has been quite difficult for her to enter a field she is unfamiliar with. But with time, she has grown more at ease and knowledgeable about it. She can honestly declare that she overcame her challenges.

She intends to engage with a few of the university’s sports teams in the future as part of her business plan. She has also been accepted into her university’s Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and on December 2, 2022 she will participate in a pitching competition.

In nearest future, she considers herself working as a vendor for Tallahassee retail stores and sees herself participating in the WBENC program.

Jade, however, advises  youths thinking of owning a brand of their own  to stay creative. 

She has created designs that weren’t particularly appealing in person and ran into difficulties when she started her brand but passion and creativity always triumph!

Jade Fisher With Funny Marco

Jade Fisher have also had opportunities to meet with celebrities such as Desi Banks, Pretty Vee and Funny Marco who visited the university and gift them her FAMU Jewelry.

Jade Fisher With Pretty Vee

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