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How ‘Ikorodu Bois’ Got International Recognition

A pure definition of raw talent and passion is the case of ‘Ikorodu bois’, a group of social media sensation, creating comedy skit, dance videos and other forms of engaging contents on social media.

Recently, their talent got them international recognition, availing them the opportunity to showcase their talent on a global scale.

The ikorodu bois group houses a young but very talented set of boys. The group includes, 15-year-old Muiz Sanni, 10-year-old Malik Sanni, 13-year-old Fawas Aina, and their 23-year-old brother, Babatunde Sanni – who manages and edits their social media videos.

The ikorodu bois have been known within Nigeria for dishing out fantastic contents – mimicking some of the biggest movies in Hollywood – but recently, they got international recognition from the Russo brothers, after they remade ‘Extraction 2’ trailer. A development that earned them a free pass to attend the movie’s premiere.

Over time, the young talented group has gotten recognition from Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson and Lebron James, but this recent recognition came with decisive steps to give them an international stage to showcase their talents.
Ikorodu bois seem to be the rave of the moment. Recently, Netflix sent them a special gift package with equipment that would give them a better production quality.

Ikorodu bois alongside Kunle Afolayan with their gift items from Netflix.

The story of the rise of ikorodu bois is an incredible real life movie, one that teaches resilience in pursing one’s dream. We can learn from their story while we genuinely wish them the very best moving forward.

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