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How Ifeoma Uddoh Is Pioneering Financial Inclusion for Women in Africa

Ifeoma Uddoh is a social entrepreneur who founded Shecluded, a fintech credit company with the goal of promoting financial inclusion for women in Africa.

She achieved this by pioneering the first of many gender-based creative financing platforms, which offer credit facilities, business, and wealth advisory services to women. Her ultimate aim is to provide more women with financial knowledge, independence, and power.

Espact | Digital Media Agency | Shecluded

Shecluded was established in April 2019, and since then, Ifeoma has been able to create a strong community of over 20,000 female entrepreneurs. Through this community, women have access to in-depth financial knowledge, independence, and sustainability. Shecluded has also solved business financing problems by equipping over 20,000 women worldwide through the provision of business financing and advisory services.

Espact | Digital Media Agency | Shecluded

Before founding Shecluded, Ifeoma served as Chief Operating Officer at Sasware from March 2015 to December 2018, where she provided strategic leadership and direction to promote collaboration and cooperation among the tech startup community. She also provided knowledge sharing and mentoring for invested companies. She also served as Program Director at Slimtrader Inc (September 2012 to 2015), where she led high-level strategic planning for business operations, capacity building, and company sustainability in Nigeria. She established a customer-centric culture of communication, collaboration, and accountability that resulted in top-tier performance and rave industry reviews.

Ifeoma’s early career was in Strategy Consulting, Analytics, and Seed Funding at notable companies such as PwC, Iroko Partners Limited, and Wilko. She also had brief internships in the banking space at Skye Bank and Diamond Bank. Ifeoma holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Industrial Mathematics from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, and a Master of Science in Management Science and Operations Research.

Espact | Digital Media Agency | Shecluded

In December 2019, Ifeoma was one of five female entrepreneurs to emerge as winners of a UK-Nigeria Tech Hub competition sponsored by the British High Commission in Lagos, where winners received sponsorship to travel to the United Kingdom for the January 2020 UK-Africa Investment Summit. Shecluded was also one of thirteen companies selected for the NASDAQ Milestone Makers (Spring 2021), which focused on reducing inequalities.

Ifeoma Uddoh’s work in making financing possible for female entrepreneurs in Africa is commendable, and we recognize her for this achievement. She is a great inspiration to other entrepreneurs and women in Africa.

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