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“How I Manage Three Professions ” -US Based Nigerian Fashion Entrepreneur, Emilia Banks Shares

On our interview series, we recently had a chat with a young and vibrant  US based Nigerian entrepreneur who hails from the Southeastern part of Nigeria, she is a talented multi-tasker who dances, owns a fashion brand and works on fulltime basis as a case manager in the United States.

Emilia Banks

Emilia Ogbankwa, popular as Emilia Banks explained to Espact how she  copes with the three occupations and also advised African youths to believe in themselves and  endeavour to start small.

Read the excerpt of her Interview below.  

Tell us about you, your name, nationality, education and occupation?

My name is EMILIA OGBANKWA. I am from Imo State, Nigeria based in the United States where I got my degree in Social Work. I am currently a case manager with the Department of Social Services.

We understand you do three tasking professions together, what keeps motivated to do them ?
Becoming a very successful black woman is my goal in this life, multitasking is a bonus point added in other to be able to joggle different professions and doing it well. Also, I believe in giving back to my community. It has become an achievement that I would wake up every morning to accomplish.

How do you go about multitasking dancing, sewing and managing your fashion brand  with your full time job in the US?
 Honestly, God is my strength and helper. Sometimes I don’t understand how i get a-lot done. I’m grateful to God that I am a go-getter, a hardworking lady and a multitalented individual.

Emilia during her personal dance practice

How did your innovative fashion brand began and what are the things you do there?
I took a sewing class when i was in high school (10th grade) in 2008, then i didn’t really have much to do immediately after college so i bought my first sewing machine in 2014.

I didn’t start sewing again until 2015. I recall always telling my parents tailor to give my material portion so i could go make my own clothes. I challenged myself with the little knowledge I had back in 10th grade. People always complimented the outfits I make and they always requested I make the same clothing for them.

Models on wears from EmiliaBanksCollection

My fashion brand EmiliaBanksCollection emerged solidly in 2018. “Classy with a touch of Africa” is my motto which simply means making use of African fabrics to create classy and stylish looks that can be incorporated into your regular English wear.

Picture taken after a dance session

How can people patronise you for your dancing and sewing services
I have a dancing Instagram Page called “@iva.dancers” which i call my dance resume, whereby people do reach out to me.

My sewing instagram page “@EmiliaBanksCollection” and also my website

Piece made by Emilia Banks

Based on the current age where there are numerous fashion brands around the world, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Fashion has made a very huge impact around the world. My fashion brands stands out because it gives you the edgy, confident, stylish yet classy look which can be worn with an English wear.

African dress for little girls made by Emilia Banks

What are your upcoming projects and what do you see your brand becoming in 5 years?
My upcoming projects would have to be a little suspense. In 5years, My brand would become well known in different countries by God’s grace. It would be worn by celebrities and everyone else. However, my brand is broad with different styles but i would like to narrow it down to bringing up different collections for the weathers we have in the United States (fall, Winter, Spring and Summer).

Jacket made by Emilia Banks

How long do you hope to continue doing all the three engagements together and which one is most dearest to you?
Out of my three engagements, (dance, fulltime worker and fashion designer) Fashion is the most dearest to me because it grows with me. We live in a world whereby people love to look exquisitely beautiful and your outlook appearance, determines how a person would treat you. Therefore, i believe that fashion would never be undermined in the world we live in.

How would you advice young Africans who are desirous of becoming more than ordinary?
My advice would be to start somewhere; invest in yourself from the age you are. Read lots of books on how to achieve the greatest success and the sky is not your limit but a stepping stone

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