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How Ham Serunjogi, Chipper Cash Co-founder Made International Payment Seamless

Ugandan entrepreneur, Ham Serunjogi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Chipper Cash which has made transactions between countries easy for users across the globe.

Ham holds a degree in Economics from Grinnell College , and attended the Aga Khan Academy serving as President of its Student Council.

 Ham began his career at Facebook at their Dublin office where he was responsible for building partner relationships with Facebook’s biggest UK ADVERTISERS.

Chipper Cash, a fintech company, is a software that helps merchants to process online and in-store payments, enabling instant ,zero-free , and cross-border money transfer. 

Chipper Cash was launched in the year 2018 , having over 3 million users.Chipper has experienced rapid expansion across African countries

Chipper Cash is Africa’s modern mobile payment platform that helps friends , families and business associates stay connected and securely send money across Africa with incredible ease. Chipper has provided an alternative payment gateway for Africa, which has lesser charges compared to well known international payment methods like Paypal, etc. Chipper offers several benefits over other payment methods.

Chipper Cash has close to 300 employees and has it headquarter inSan Francisco, but as a global brand has employees based in Nigeria, Uganda,South Africa, Colombia, Kenya,Ghana, The Uk and more.Before the existence of Chipper Cash , it became frustrating and expensive to send money especially across borders, from one person to another in Africa, due to different currencies across the continent.

Chipper Cash with its low transaction fees has made transfer of funds less worrisome , without clients thinking about the expensive charges eating into their profit or savings.

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